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Welcome to NeverPayFeesAgain FAQ page, where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about cash discount program that can work for your business and help you save on credit card fees.

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A cash discount program is a deduction allowed by a seller of goods or by the provider of services put into place in order to offset the expense of accepting charge cards.

Businesses can accept various types of payments including cash and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Many businesses are collecting most of their payments through credit cards and through various other electronic methods but the fees are bulky and for a small business that can really effect the bottom line.

In order for your company to accept credit cards, you first have to set up a credit card merchant account, and accept all the fees that go with. To offset the heavy card fees you can ask your customer to pay cash, offering the services at a discounted rate or accept that you need to charge a fee to use the card. The seller or provider often refers to the cash discount as a sales discount. The buyer often refers to the same discount as a purchase discount.

It is gaining wide traction now in the USA as it is legal in all 50 states. The program has been used commonly in our country at gas stations where a cash discount is offered at the pump for over 15 years. Many national, state and local governments including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS implement a Service Fee.

This is the most popular question we get asked. While the 2 programs may pose a similar outcome to the customer, they are very different especially according to the rules and regulations of Visa and MasterCard.

A surcharge is currently not allowed in 10 states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas, plus the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico).

The Cash Discount program is legal now in all 50 states. The merchant is not implementing an additional fee for accepting a credit card; rather, the business owner is providing a discount for those who pay with cash. This is a clear distinction, and one that Visa, Mastercard, and the courts have agreed upon.

No, according to Visa and MasterCard, merchants must chose one payment processing method in their business.   However, should you convert to the NeverPayFeesAgain Cash Discount Program and wish to go back to traditional payment processing, we will at no cost set up this merchant account again for you.

American Express still has a 15 basis point fee that must continue (this is a fee passed through by AMEX) and will appear on your monthly bill.

With regard to your Visa/MC fees, 99% of these fees will be covered.  With some merchants, NeverPayFeesAgain may charge a nominal monthly fee – typically less than $25.00.  Using the NeverPayFeesAgain program, our typical business owner is eliminating the majority of their processing fees.

The overwhelming majority of our clients are charging a 3.95% service fee.  A small percentage of our merchants are charging a flat fee. NeverPayFeesAgain encourages the % as it guarantees to cover your processing costs.

In some cases, the merchant can develop a hybrid solution and charge only 50% of the service fee onto the consumer. This will be developed on a case by case basis with the business owner depending on his average ticket size and other variables which NeverPayFeesAgain will discuss when setting up your Cash Discount program.

A legal cash discount program requires that customers be notified prior to the sale.  Plus we will provide signage that explains in simple terms the new Cash Discount Program.

NeverPayFeesAgain will provide you free of charge a terminal.  The terminal will be downloaded at our office and shipped via UPS. Upon arrival, just plug it in and you will be in business with your Cash Discount Program. NeverPayFeesAgain is currently offering the Dejavoo Z9 and Pax S80 terminals.

Yes, NeverPayFeesAgain has proprietary systems and gateways that upon checkout will be able to process your transactions using our Cash Discount Program.

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